Falcon WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a Software that will improve inventory accuracy in your warehouse.

Falcon WMS can be integrated with ERP/Software you have already had.

Most of WMS Software in the world are Non-serialized WMS, Falcon WMS different with the other because Falcon WMS is a Serialized WMS.


Non Serialized WMS


Item that has the same product code have the same barcode number.

Barcode Non Serialized WB

The smallest product identification usually is product code or lot number/batch number.

If barcode is used, then barcode number will be product number or lot number/batch number, or EAN13/UPC.


Problems :

Kekurangan Barcode Non SerializedWB

  • Every barcode can be scanned more than one time.

  • Poor inventory accuracy.

  • FIFO picking is difficult to achived.

  • Stocktake is very difficult.



Serialized WMS


Every box/pallet will have a different barcode number even have the same product code.

Barcode Serialized WB

Because of its serialized nature, we can use barcodes mixed with RFIDs. :


Benefits :

Kelebihan Barcode SerializedWB

  • Every barcode can only scanned once, if you scan more than one time, the result saved is only one.
  • Inventory accuracy is better than Non Serialized WMS.
  • FIFO picking can be implemented easily.
  • Stocktake is easy.






Productivity > 15% 

Improve your warehouse productivity
, number of shipment transaction will be increase, because of faster picking speed, this is because of directed picking feature.

Shipping accuracy > 99%

Falcon WMS will improve shipping accuracy, your customer will be happy.


Warehouse Visibility 

Warehouse transparency will be increased, locations of goods 
can be tracked easily. 

Improve Traceability 

Every transaction time stamp will be recorded.

identifikasi produk lebih baik wms falcon

Better product identifaction

Falcon WMS has several product identification level :
product code, batch, pallet, outer box, inner box, pcs.
mempermudah stokopname

Stoktake made easy

 Falcon WMS has several stocktake methods, which are easier than your current stocktake method. 

Inventory accuracy > 99%

Falcon WMS will increase inventory accuracy > 99 %. 


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