Falcon WMS

Warehouse layout

Falcon WMS divides your warehouse into many smaller locations : bins. 

Random-location storage

Falcon WMS support random-location storage.


Primary serial barcode

You can scan a serial barcode directly without first scan product-code barcode.


Pemantauan kemasan barang

Falcon WMS tracks palletes, boxes, and bundles.



Manual put away or directed put away.



Manual picking, directed picking, pcs picking, or batch picking.


Barcode types

Serialized product barcode, pallet barcode,  location barcode, bundle barcode, etc.








Audit trail


Time stamp

Falcon WMS records time stamps automatically when scanning and printing barcodes.


Multi Company

Multi Company Version is available.


Interfacing to ERP 

Falcon WMS can be integrated into your ERP. 

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